I saw two very different versions of Teeth & Tongue that week. One was the full-band incarnation of Jess Cornelius' haunting tunes. With its screeching guitars and gripping soul, the backing sound really amplified the hypnotic effects of her lovely voice. The other was Jess' lone, gray figure wailing out the heart crunching stories of her songs in an empty bedroom with nothing but her entrancing voice and the occasional angry twang of her guitar.

I'm in-love with how she moves. The way she sways back and forth, the way she pushes her long bangs back before it roars out to her face again, the way she lets out tiny breaths in between lyrics, the way she raises her arms before specific parts of a song as if to say, "Get ready because this is happening." It's all such a great part of the performance. Her voice stops the world around you and her movements will twist it, swing it, and mesh into her own rhythm.

Good music takes you to many places. Better music takes you exactly where it wants you to go. Teeth & Tongue's music, in two very polarizing performances, dropped me right into Jess' world. A soothing, swimming patch of cloud fueled by beautiful disharmony.

"There Is A Darkness To My Bones"
Wanderer Session #78: Teeth & Tongue
Music by Jess Cornelius
Images, Sound, Edit by Kevin de Wilde
Filmed in Brooklyn, New York
Fall 2012

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