56th International Festival of Contemporary Music of La Biennale di Venezia
Concerto-performance, October 11th 2012 at the Teatro alle Tese

"The Biennale di Venezia has dedicated an atelier to this method of visual composition, which exploits the creativity of graphic design to identify musical structures. It was divided into three phases: a preliminary phase to study the IanniX language (3 > 5 May), a musical composition phase (7 > 9 June) and a production phase (5 > 11 October). This production phase will present its final outcome on October 11th at the Teatro alle Tese with six world premieres by Iván Solano, Marcello Liverani, Cesare Saldicco, Julian Scordato, Stefanio Alessandretti and Giovanni Sparano, Davide Gagliardi and Victor Nebbiolo Di Castri. It will be a concert-performance, because in this practice, the composer is also the performer who manipulates the score with his gesture."

Tan-sé — Marcello Liverani
Influences — Davide Gagliardi and Victor Nebbiolo di Castri
Vision II — Julian Scordato
Soffio — Iván Solano
Neyma — Stefano Alessandretti and Giovanni Sparano
Still Life — Cesare Saldicco

Source: labiennale.org/en/music/program/program.html#vd4

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