This is the last part to my short film I wrote and directed.

I hope you were entertained enough with the story, the characters, the direction, ect.

I love writing and I loved making this film. I learned so much as a writer and especially as a director. I know I have a long way to go, but this was a great experience.

I bet some of you who watched the film are probably a little confused with the story (I've been getting that with some people). And I am here to help here is an entire summary of the film...if you didn't understand...since I wanted my film to be very pyschological/thriller than just straight up horror.


Jordan is dating Braden. Well Jordan decides to cheat on Braden (the video at the beginning is her cheating on Braden). Well Jake finds the tape and shows Braden and when Braden sees what has been going on...he decides to forget about everything and kill her. He asks Jake for help and even asks Chelsea (Jordan's bff). Chelsea agrees to help out because she has feelings for Braden (didn't really show that much...but i'm hoping to in the sequel).

So Braden dresses up and decides to go and kill her. Jake prank calls her and at first just has some fun. Then it becomes more violent to where Braden goes into the house and kills Jordan's brother, HUNTER. Jordan finally finds it in her to kill Braden.

Then she finds out it's Braden and the phone rings and Chelsea is screming at her to get out of the house. Jordan is confused, she doesn't know what to do exactly. Chelsea screams telling her that "they" are coming for you. Jake shows up and puts a bag over her head.

Now let me explain the two little boys...because that's where everyone becomes really confused for some reason lol.

The first boy at the beginning is Braden's brother. I showed pictures of Braden and pictures of his brother to show that they are related. And the boy at the end is Braden's brother's friend "Tyler."

Why they are killed is pretty simple. Braden tells Jake that if anything happens to take care of it. So Jake, being a pyscho, decides to kills Braden's family. He kills the brother, and as he does that...Tyler shows Jake decides to kill him as well.

Well...I really hope I cleared some things up...but if you still have any questions...just go ahead and ask away...I'm willing to answer anything...and thanks again for watching...I really appreciate it.

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