PPHer Steve Folland takes a look at the finest Hourlies to catch his eye this week. You'll be amazed what you can get done in as little as one hour... especially for Halloween.

Featured Hourlies:

> I can create a unique character design in 2 hours (ow.ly/eKdsv)
> I can make you a HAT-BOX out of a MATCH-BOX in 1 hour (ow.ly/eKdFJ)
> I can create a prezi presentation to be viewed on or offline in 4 hours (ow.ly/eKdQL)
> I can create Halloween Graphics in 1 hour (ow.ly/eKdhO)
> I can design party invitations in 1 hour (ow.ly/eKe0i)
> I can teach you 3 amazing magic tricks in 1 hour (ow.ly/eKe70)
> I can make you a mascot/character costume in 12 hours (ow.ly/eKemx)
> I can make you look like a crazy nurse or witch in 1 hour (ow.ly/eKevc)

All available on peopleperhour.com

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