Watch the final title sequence, which is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT, and read the interview on Watch the Titles:
Title Designers
Jean-Baptiste Lefournier & Camille Bovier Lapierre
Mac Guff: VFX Producer Rodolphe Chabrier (CEO of Mac Guff), Line Producer
Delphine Domer, CG Lead Sylvain Potel, Compositing Solène Collignon, Render
Benjamin Ruiz, Layout & Lighting Carine Gillet & Sylvain Potel, HD Textures for Camap
Jean-Baptiste Lefournier & Camille Bovier Lapierre, Camap & Strokes Texture Animation
Manuel Quinto, 3D Modeling Alicia Etourneau, Texturing & Hair (Crown) Benoit De Longlee.

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