Duncan Whitelaw is 110% mad about Archery.

Duncan was born with a physical birth defect-the cause is not exactly known. He requires a wheelchair to help him get around but when he gets out onto the archery range, he trades his wheelchair for a second hand quad bike. Duncan rides around the archery range firing his bow from the seat of the quad bike. Whether he hits the target or not, it doesn’t matter-its all about having fun.

Duncan doesn’t let his disability get in the way of doing what he loves to do.

Duncan is a traditional archer. Traditional archery is archery in its traditional form. The bow a traditional archer uses is reminiscent of what you would see in a Robin Hood film. Traditional Archery hasn’t changed much over time; the same principals that were used by the medieval archers roughly remain the same today although the green tights have been traded in for a pair of jeans.

Producer/Interviewer/Editor: Joseph Roach.
Producer/Camera/Editor: Josephine Ronne.

This video has been made as part of a Communication Course from the University of Newcastle.

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