This pure and fresh foot bridge love story we produced really based on the reality. Just like cupid’s arrow, bridge combines the beauty and handsome firmly together. What we would do is helping them recall and record their story.
Many scenes in the forequarters of the film choose dark night as background; just express people’s lonely hearts and eager for love. Then come to middle quarters to describe their own single life, these plots and well organized script all help to enhance the romantic atmosphere of their happy ending.
24 Frames not only owns professional shooting staff, creation and innovation are also the source of our pride. But, in order to create a natural movie scene, many staff of 24frames joins in and voluntarily act as figurants, such as the flower girl, the boss, some passersby. Team work is also our posotive spirit, in the cold winter night scenes, our hands and feet are numb with tjhe cold weather.
Maybe this is the interesting part of videographer, something is real, and something is acted. But the emotion we transmitting, the love we recording is definitely real with no fake.

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