Let's watch an independent advertisement together!

"Small space" but it has it all

Girl CHOE Jeong-an
Friend RI Won
Shopkeeper OK Ju-ri
Omok Grandma JO Yeongsuk
Lovers JEONG Mi-ryung & JEONG Jae-jin
Girl's voice KIM Ga-eun

Producer KIM Suhyeon
Director YU Eunjeong
Assistant director SON Hyanggi
Director of photography KIM Ji-in
Graffer CHOE Sueun
Sound recordist PARK Jeonghwa
Edit/CG YU Eunjeong
Color compensation KIM Ji-in
Music CHANG Hyeonyeong
Stills photographer KIM Yu-geun

Store 'Jakeun-Gonggan' (meaning: Small Space)

-THANKS for English version-
Judy Kim, JO Young-suk, SEO Eunjung, SOLBIT Elementary School


We grow with the small companies.
We make everyone happy with our good ads.

Financial independence, Independence of Creativity, Independence of Media

We Achieve the commercial equality
Independent commercial film association (indie CF)


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