A very serious conversation between a mafia boss and his right-hand man. Just kidding, it was for laughs. This video is inspired by "The Dark Knight- Joker Interrogation Scene Spoof" by " MonkeyandApple" in YouTube channel. In this video, I majored on the actors' emotion and facial expression so as to achieve a dramatic and hilarious conversation.

The technical aspects that i'm exploring behind this video is the lightings. In the mafia boss' scene, I used 1-point lighting shining straight from the top of the boss and a reflector is added onto the table. So when the boss came near to the table, his face will be lighted up. When further away from the table, you can see the lights that wrapped around his face starts to move away from his face, giving him very little details on the face. More lights are seen coming from the bottom, for this creates an eerie looks that suits the mafia boss' image. For the right-hand man, I used a 3-points lighting. I turns the fill-light at an angle away from the subject, the lights are just enough to soften some harsh shadow created by the keylight. It leaves some part of the face in shadow. This is the kind of mood I wanted to create in this conversation, dark & secret.

Director - Kenneth Teo
DP - Kavi
1st AD - Xavier Low
Soundman - Chris Wong
Editor - Kenneth Teo

Mafia Boss - Rick Loh
Right-Hand Man - Krits

Special Thanks
Drew Campbell

Canon 7D
Tamron 17-50 f/2.8
Zoom H4N
Rode NTG-2

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