A morning in the mountains surrounded by dandelions allowed me to observe closely the dandelion flower. As I watched the seeds fly, I realized a similarity between the seeds themselves and ideas. They spread.

I wanted to create a type of glass installation piece where metal-sculptural dandelions, symbolize
the TED speakers, spreading their ideas all around and beyond the city of Zurich. While the seed ideas are electrically powered by the dandelion bulb, the dandelions themselves are powered by the main source of energy, TEDx, illuminating the amazing city of Zurich and inspiring a wonderful community with illuminating, traveling ideas.

Direction/Animation: Alessandra Boeri
3D Artist: Alessandra Boeri
Compositor: Alessandra Boeri
Scripting: Jan Sommer
Supervisor: Oliver Conrad
Executive Producer: Gian Klainguti
Sound: Studio Richmount
Produced at Kompost

For full project and more information visit:

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