British London based rock 'n' roll band, The Wonderboys began life as a heavy metal act in 2005, recorded a live album but due to other commitments, this album remained in obscurity. But the love and influence of classic American metal bands like Slayer, British indie music such as the Streets proved too strong and now the band favors even rawer bass, rusty drums and nonsensical lyrics but with a catchy candy coated insanity that will annoy probably anyone you know and then some.

Consisting of close friends, G (vocals, bass guitar), Richie (lead guitar, backing vocals), Ali Reza (percussion), The Wonderboys ambition is to destroy the airdrums of East Asia with their weird British Born Alternative Rock music!

"B Is The Word was written as a testimonial to life in London, its about pain, struggle, laughter, joking but above all being weird, which is the central core to all of the Wonderboys music;.
Lead singer and Bassist wrote this song,after languishing in development hell for several years in talking about bringing back our band from obscurity to make this song to celebrate that despite being a Londoner and touch Chinese pride, where British Born Chinese still have yet to make a mark, but B Is The Word shows that we have realness, Chinese pride, and above all a weird sense of humour'

Shot Using Nokia Smartphone and Sony Camcorder
Sound Recorded by Zoom H4N, Enhanced by Izotope RX Advance
Directed by G productions
Produced by G productions
Edited with Final Cut Pro by G productions
Music by | The Wonderboys– B Is The Word
Gallants Studios®

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