Director: Scott J. Lansing
Music: QuietHounds
Director of Photography: Nicholas Wiesnet
Graphic Design- Brian Kirkner
Assistant Director: Maria Layus

Andersonville, or Camp Sumter as it was officially known, was the largest of several military prisons established during the Civil War. It was built in 1864 after Confederate leaders decided to move the many Union prisoners in Richmond, Virginia, to a location away from the war.

Designed to hold 10,000 prisoners, the prison was soon overcrowded, holding 22,000 by June. Although the prison was enlarged, the number of prisoners continued to swell. By August 1864, more than 32,000 prisoners were confined at Andersonville. More than 45,000 Union soldiers were sent to Andersonville during the 14 months of the prison's existence. Of these, 12,912 died from disease, malnutrition, overcrowding, or exposure, buried in shallow trenches, shoulder to shoulder, in a crude cemetery near the prison.

Sabotage Film Group and the Quiet Hounds took to these very grounds where so many were lost. " Beacon Sun" is an Ode to these lost souls.

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