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We encountered a large school of Jacks circling around during our 4th day of diving with Carl Fritzsche, Alan Kocha and Bill De Miranda of Green 1 Pod in Bali Indonesia. My second year with DFL 2012. Bill offered to take a picture of me while I was videotaping. Carl waves as I panned to the right, and Alan usually stays behind. I just marveled at the site infront of me - as Carl would gesture with his hands while diving, "Aren't we lucky?" This was a highlight.

Music: Breath in the air by Great Skies (freemusicarchive.org/music/Great_Skies/FrostWire_Creative_Commons_Mixtape_2_Side_B/Great_Skies__Breath_in_the_air____FrostClick_FrostWire_Mixtape_Vol_2)

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