Hello everyone,
We're back with another video providing a look behind the scenes of "The Zelda Project" (a.k.a. TZP)
This time we take a trip to the open fields and rolling hills of "Lon Lon Ranch". This was a double day venture through a ranch and field in Clovis, CA.

Visit thezeldaproject.net for more info on this project.

Anthony Beaston as "Link"
Sarah Quillian as "Malon"
Big John as "Epona"

Sarah Quillian - Costume Designer / Producer
Jerry Rudolph - Owner of Big John aka "Epona"
Dawn Stafford - Professional Horse Trainer
Marcus Eddings - On Hand Veteranary Technician
John Sedano - Horse Wrangler
Chase Birdsong - Makeup and SFX Artist
Indigo Verse - Photographer/Videographer/Editor
Julia Starr - Assistant Photographer/Videographer
Mickael Forrett - Post Matte Painter
Luisa Rafidi - Character Portrait Artist
Aaron Granofsky - Propmaster / Industrial Designer

©Indigoverse Productions/Photography. All Rights Reserved.

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