After more than a week of denials and naughty white lies, October 14, 2012 lunchtime came. We threw a “suprise” party for a most gracious lady who have been known to be a topnotch party organizer and behind-the-scenes psy-war expert and accessory to many “suprise” party crimes herself. The chief protagonist, Kuya Butch Serrano, together with the Ravalo “kids” and the Serrano “gang”, had to dig deep into their bag of tricks to make sure that this bday celebration, a milestone year as this would be her 60th, would still be a pleasant surprise.

Suprise! So there... with only the immediate family of 3 with her (aging) hunky hubby from the best boy’s school in the Marikina valley vicinity, her only son, plus the favorite ex-scholars of the heroine and their growing young families too, we somehow managed to pull another successful “suprise party” for our birthday girl. And within her general guidance not to have another “big party”.

On the surface, Ate Son and Kuya Butch seem to have enjoyed the blessings of an Unico-hijo, in the person of Joboy, who, for some mysterious reason successfully and quietly pulled off his own “suprise!” that fateful day as our young bida at a tender and shy age of 15, or is it 14? got more conversant or shall we say, brave with other people, more particularly the cute and pretty kind. But truth of the matter is that, as you may have guessed it, Ate Son and Kuya Butch have a “lot of children,” as Becky, Ate Son’s only sister, gleefully declared during Kuya Butch’s recent elevation into the senior citizen’s category hinself last July 28. And all of us scholars had only the good and the most praises to say of the generosity and the guidance from Ate Son and Kuya Butch through all these years.

A former Unibank senior bank executive herself, Ate Son, thanks to our favorite ATEnean, Kuya Butch, is truly a rare find and has been embraced as a jewel of the Serrano family. And I guess everyone from the SVS and our Garcia-Gonzales side can readily say the same thing too. Amen? Amen!

This fun MTV was the same video (as a curtain raiser to the truly enjoyable and riotous Gangnam-style dance homemade video masterminded by KC Lawenko) played during that ‘suprise” party at Mai Thai Restaurant that feature the countless family bonding times with both the Serrano and Ravalo sides of her family, profoundly supported with the melodies and lyrics of Billy Preston’s Joe Cocker classic, the Chicago’s “Just You and Me” and of course, how can we do without the Beatles and their happy song “Love Me Do”

Happy 60th Birthday to our dear ATE Son!

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