I am producing a feature-length documentary film entitled The Boating Life. It's about the people who live and work on the water.

Many of these "liveaboards" are non-conventional people. Others walked away from more conventional careers and homes just to be on the water. Some very interesting characters can be found in unusual, beautiful, trying, peaceful, and sometimes dangerous living situations on the water. How they live is as interesting as why they are there.

We find them living in all manner of vessels from small sailboats to grand yachts. We'll visit them on their boats and see what this kind of life is like. Some are at docks, some anchored off and others cruise the waterways freely.

How do they make a living? There are freelance captains and crews, cooks, stewards and stewardesses, marine service people, retired people, fishermen and women, woodworkers, dentists, doctors and much more. Some go ashore every six months or so just to make enough money to return and live on their boats. Some are wealthy while others have virtually no income. One woman survives by boat-sitting several boats in Amalie harbor, St Thomas. Some of the boats were just this side of derelicts. One man we met makes his living Conch fishing from a Chinese Junk in the Narragansett Bay. Another lives aboard his old boat in Newport and does day charters to make ends meet.

Living aboard a boat has pluses and minuses. Space is at a premium so one lives with few carefully chosen possessions. Weather affects your life is a very direct manner. Sunrises and sunsets will dazzle nearly every day. When you tire of your neighborhood or neighbors, you can move your home before breakfast.

The people who are attracted to life on the water are a breed apart. They have remarkable stories to tell. We will film a great many interviews with boaters and present the most interesting stories in this film. In addition, viewers will see lots of sailing and tours of some of the most amazing boats, large and small you've ever seen.

This on-the-water lifestyle is aspired to by many, but is not well known. The story of the people and their lifestyle deserves to be told. The United States would not be what it is without those who live the boating life.

The film will be shot in several harbors known for their colorful boat residents:

1. Newport, RI
2. Charlotte Amalie Harbor, St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands
3. New York City's 79th St Boat Basin & City Island

About the Producer
I have been sailing for 35 years on a variety of boats in various waters. My love of being on the water has brought me in touch with fascinating people who march to the beat of a different drummer. I moved to Rhode Island so I could see my boat from my house and sail more. I am familiar with the harbors listed above and know how to meet the sailors and interview them on their boats or other water locations.

I am dedicated to filming the most interesting people and their boats to make this a moving statement of a significant and unusual way of life.

If you'd like to follow the progress of this film, send me an email or visit the new site theboatinglifevideo.com

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