This short video clip shows some of the Amanita Muscaria mushrooms in front of our home. In the Netherlands (where I live) these mushrooms are called Vliegenzwam and are linked to gnomes ("kabouters"). There is even a short song that relates to this:

In Dutch:

Op een grote paddestoel,
Rood met witte stippen,
Zat kabouter Spillebeen,
Heen en weer te wippen,
Krak zei toen de paddestoel,
Met een diepe zucht,
Allebei de beentjes,
Hoepla in de lucht!

In English:

On a large mushroom,
Red with white dots,
Sat gnome "Spillebeen",
Rocking back and forth,
Snap said the mushroom,
With a deep sigh,
Both legs in the air!

Used equipment:

* Panasonic GH2 (Hacked with Flow Motion 2.02)
* Lumix 14-140mm lens
* Home made slider
* Manfrotto 755XB
* Lightcraft Workshop ND Fader

Music is custom made by me for this clip.

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