After a long day of embroidering I usually line up the servants. At night my Wilhelm sometimes returns home. Not always but I am always filled with hope. I always greet him with a cake because every day is his birthday and because the Führer never gives him any cake and he feels rejected at work. Hitler doesn't even give Keitel any cake and Keitel is a Field Marshal! See OUR FILM, if you don't believe me!
In this parody he returns home a bit drunk. He has by accident switched the uniforms with the Gauleiter (Mental note: must contact the staff of the Gauleiter to get Wilhelm's uniform back). He has also picked up some random people on his way home. No problem, the friends of my Wilhelm are always welcome in our humble cottage in Fürstenwalde.
Extra material used: "Napola - Elite für den Führer"
I own nothing. My actions are fair use and belong to the realm of freaky humour.

p.s. If modern practical people want to know about our house (and they always do!) then NO, WE DON'T HAVE A MORTAGE and NO, WE DON'T PAY RENT and NO, WE DIDN'T BUY IT EITHER.
THE HOUSE WAS OBVIOUSLY REQUISITIONED!!!! That's just basic WW2 real estate market for you. This is really great because you can get amazing houses totally for free and IT'S LEGAL!!! :)

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