For the full tutorial including a full parts list and annotated photos please visit:

Basis of the design are strips of aluminium sheet 50mm wide and 4mm thick, cut to size with a hacksaw. Screw holes are drilled using a high speed metal drill bit. It's a relatively soft metal so cutting and drilling is fairly easy as long as you take your time and measure up properly. Three plates are also need to be cut from the aluminium sheet for securing the rails (15mm copper piping) and camera mount. 15mm pipe clips are secured to the plates which are then screwed to the main body. The rails are then clipped in place and the camera mount is clipped on top. The handles are all bike parts; flat bar mountain bike handlebars (cut to size), mountain bike bar ends and one rubber handlebar grip for the central handle which goes over a cut-off from the main bar.

To get it looking really nice, spray all the parts separately once cut/drilled, then assemble. Make sure you use a spray primer/undercoat first. I did't and soon I'll need to respray as the paint is starting to flake off.

Good luck. Any questions, feel free to comment.

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