nine2five media produced the latest music video for the band "This World Fair" entitled "Plastic Soul". The goal for this video was to make the audience feel as if they were inside the studio with the artist while they were recording.
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nine2five media is a cutting-edge and eco-friendly media production company.

Cutting-Edge: We utilize the latest in technology to help us create the most amazing final product we can. We shoot 1080p high definition, edit using Final Cut Studio on Apple computers, and we utilize green-screen and compositing frequently in our projects.

Eco-Friendly: nine2five media is very green conscious. Starting with the equipment we buy and keeping the ecosystem in mind though-out the production process we try to reduce our carbon footprint. We shoot all of our footage directly to a digital format, eliminating all of the waste created with tapes. We utilize Apple Computers for our postproduction work which are known for their eco-friendly construction. We encourage our clients to distribute their final videos via a digital online format instead of printing them to thousands of DVD, VCR's, etc.


Produced by: Wade Cordts
Directed by: Tommy Stone of Latitude81
Gaffer: Brent Francisco

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