Some time ago me and my girlfriend got asked to tune up a 'theater' show. The show had a storyteller and an orchestra in it. But since it was meant for children it could get boring. So that's where we came in. We animated puppets on 2 glass plates and projected that animation live on a wall.
We had great fun while doing it and we loved the reactions from the audience! Hopefully we get to do it again some time later.

Ofcourse you can only see and feel half of the spectacle, but here is a quick recording of our part of the show.

The fairy tale is called 'Well of the moon' and was written and composed by Derek Bourgeois. The story goes like this: 3 princesses search for the ultimate beauty but in their search they get bewitched. A young peasant sets out to find and rescue them, not knowing what adventure will await him.
The story is cut up in 50 pieces, each of them having it's own musical theme. During these themes we animated the puppets.

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