This is my first extended time-lapse video and my second FCPX project,
the ISS LAPSE “NEMIDITION”, the Northern hEMIsphere eDITION.

35.000 images with a total of 32 GB to get 64 clips with 24 GB and then choose the best parts…
The video contains approximately 4500 images out of these.

Images left completely untouched, they speak for themselves.
Import pictures to QT7 with 25 fps.
Export 4K images to 2K clips in ProRes 422.
Crop to 16:9 with Compressor (easier than in FCPX!).
Import to FCPX etc. …

I made different versions, with rough cuts and soft cuts. In this version,
the soft cuts are one more frame in the piano’s sustain, it suits best.

Some viewers will probably notice a slight stutter. This has several reasons:
The screen, you are sitting at! It runs at 60 Hz, it doesn’t match the 25 fps.
If your screen is running at 50 Hz or 100 Hz (e.g. TV set) and you still see a slight stutter,
the both main reasons are the compression and the fast movement of the objects.

The original file on a TV set runs as smooth as silk. :)

Image courtesy of Image Science and Analysis Laboratory, NASA Johnson Space Center.
"The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth." (

Special thanks to Hans Zimmer for his great tune “Time”.
I had this video in mind, since I have heard his song for the first time.

Enjoy our "Blue Marble" in HD and with the volume up!

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