Musikkteknologidagene Research Presentation - Oslo, Norway - 2012
by Nathan Wolek (

A progress report of my ongoing efforts to develop granular synthesis & processing effects for Jamoma's C++ frameworks. First, I reflect on past work with granular techniques and how I came to be involved with the Jamoma project. The final part describes code design considerations, the work completed so far and where development efforts will be going in the near future.

** Chapters **
Intro 0:00
What are granular techniques? 1:14
How did I get here? & Amnon Wolman 2:29
early GTK & SEAMUS 2002 5:56
GTK v1.0, dissertation & Hipno 9:48
GTK v1.49 & Jamoma expands 15:27
Where is the project? 20:22
"nothing interrupts grain once it is in progress" 25:21
Questions & Comments 29:30

This lecture was delivered on 25 October 2012 at the Norwegian Academy of Music ( during the annual Norsk Musikkteknologidagene conference hoted by NOTAM ( My stay in Norway is supported by the US-Norway Fulbright Foundation (

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