God wants us to live in the fullness of the Holy Spirit. When the Spirit lives in us we are given life
and Jesus is glorified. Just as there is a difference between getting married and being married,
there is a difference between coming to Jesus and living for Him; the first is easy, while the second
is much more difficult. When we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we become a child of God
and our nature changes. How we walk after that determines the journey we take and involves a
transition in the way we think. There are several ingredients of a Spirit formed life that help us
stay filled with the Spirit.

In order to live according to the Spirit we need to set our minds on the things of the Spirit,
thinking on the things that matter to God. The decisions we make and the way we see the world
should be filtered according to what matters to Him. We also need to consider dead things, dead.
As believers, our flesh no longer has control over us and cannot “boss” us around. Our old habits
need to be addressed by making daily decisions to walk in our new way; otherwise, the activity of
our old nature will pollute our lives and affect what comes out of it. Sin taints our new nature,
causing static that hinders hearing God, and results in issues like confusion, frustration,
loneliness and arrogance.

When we came to Christ we received spiritual DNA, were justified and no longer condemned,
and were adopted to receive our inheritance as children of God. Adopted by God, with the Spirit
treating us like the sons and daughters of God, we can follow Him and our lives will overflow with
peace, joy, community and hope.

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