ReGeneration explores the connection of cultural vitality to immigration, urbanization, and sustainability through the intersection of art, science and technology. Ten artists and artist groups will create and present their works at this exhibition, which will be at the New York Hall of Science from October 27, 2012 to January 13, 2013.

from sustainability to cultural vitality
Despite growing scientific and cultural consensus about the importance of sustainability there remains significant uncertainty about everything from the actual meaning of the term to overarching solutions. Technology and behavioral changes including energy production, agriculture, recycling and pollution reduction are all on the table as we work to understand and address the challenge of sustainability. From a scientific point of view, systems that generate energy are exothermic; systems that require external sources of energy to function are endothermic. Analogously, New York City can be described as an exothermic system that thrives upon the infusion of energy in the form of immigration—of both people and ideas and knowledge.

In ReGeneration, 10 artists and artist groups will engage with Queens (the most ethnically diverse county in the United States) to explore how its enormous cultural vitality is both sustained and sustaining. The goal of ReGeneration is not to create or propose systemic solutions to every conceivable problem. Rather, through the intersection of art, science and technology, artists will explore and celebrate particular indicators and examples of cultural vitality. These engagements can ultimately be adapted to other environments, enabling a network of local practices that helps sustain a regional or larger cultural vitality.

Biomodd, Biomodd [NYC4]; Futurefarmers, Ethnobotanical Station; Shih Chieh Huang, 99plus; Marisa Jahn and Stephanie Rothenberg, World’s Fair 2.0; Scott Kildall, 2049; Zach Lieberman, Face By Face; Carl Skelton, Tomorrow 2.0; The Living and SOFTlab, Common Weathers; Nick Yulman, New York Immigration Song; Ricardo Miranda Zúñiga, A Geography of Being : Una Geographia de Ser

Project Director: Eric Siegel
Project Manager: Michael Cosaboom
Curator: Steve Dietz
Assistant Curator: Amanda Parkes

Presented at the New York Hall of Science by the New York Hall of Science and Northern

Support from The Rockefeller Foundation NYC Cultural Innovation Fund, The Lambent Foundation, and The MetLife Foundation

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