Technologies: C++, ActionScript3.0, Adobe AIR 3.2
Agency: RTT (Shanghai)
Date: May / June 2012
URL: n/a

Stand-alone 3D game, using Microsoft Kinect for player interaction.

We have produced 3D game content (3d models, animations, materials & textures) as well as developed complete game from ground-up, including Kinect data reading and interpretation for game-specific interaction. Challenge was to mix 2 technologies, Adobe AIR3 (Flash 11) and Microsoft Kinect (C++), while maintaining data rate of at least 30 body-pose updates per second, to provide smooth and precise game interaction.

No mouse and/or keyboard required to play the game. Users simply stand in front of the sensor at marked spot on the ground (approx. 2.3m away from the sensor), and place hands in position “holding the ball”, which activates the game. There are in total 8 levels of difficulty, and each level has different shooting position, distance and precision difficulty. Maximum possible score is 100 points. Each level has 5 balls to shoot, and to advance to the next level, player must have at least 3 successful shots. Points per successful shot change based on the distance from the hoop (2 points or 3 points shot).

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