short breakdown list
Canal Off - Terra - Vetorzero/Lobo - Particles advect by fluids simulation, custom attributes, shading, lighting.
Animation by Cristian Lucas, Composition by Fábio Arcosi, CGI coordinator Guilherme Rizzo, Directed by Guto Terni.
Canal Off - Agua - Vetorzero/Lobo -Wave Wire Tool, Real Flow simulation by Cristian Lucas, shading/lighting By Guto Terni, Composition by Fábio Arcosi, Directed by Guto Terni.
ChilliBeans- Cia de Cinema/SindicatoVFX -Look Dev, animation, shading, lighting, modeling and some textures by Marcelo Pasqua.
Skol - Dragão -AtomoVFX - Pyro FX, crowd simulation by Fabiano Berlim, composition by Atomo.
Itaipava - Rebrasil - Shading lighting, water flip simulation by Fabiano Berlim, CGI supervisor Cleverson M.S . Leal
Insinuante-Conte com essa Força- Nove90 - CGI Supervising, shading and lighting, models by Marcelo Pasqua.
The New Kind- Cloud (pilot) - All
Vectra Car - Personal Project -All
Schincariol - Western - CasablancaVFX - Look Dev, shading and lighting
Ocean Toolkit Tests - Personal Project- All
Esso - CasablancaVFX- Model, texture, shading and lighting.
Crocodile - Mad FX - Look Dev, model and textures by Marcelo Pasqua.
Melro Bird for EDP (Portugal) - Look Dev, texture, shading lighting, model by Aruan and Gilmar Moraes, rigging and animation by Rogério Miyagi.
PBR Hair - All, model from Rafael Vitoratti rigging Library..
Breakdows :
Real Flow simulation by Cristian Lucas, City models from Insinuante by Marcelo Pasqua,
Final Tint simulations was done by me for SindicatoVFX, as footage library for nails tint motion graphic Ad.

for general inquires, resume, complete breakdown, please email me at

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