3 years of my best video work smashed into 1 minute and 45 seconds. Enjoy!

Music by Bennett Pearson

Links to the videos shown (in order):
Bokehs in the sky: vimeo.com/45264668
Martin Cambronne playing piano: youtu.be/nOu2E3vmz4g
Spirits of the Red City: vimeo.com/14412276
DJ Vincent Favard: vimeo.com/33726955
The Hawk's Nest: vimeo.com/44554224
Unglued Craft Fest: vimeo.com/44058836
Wood Fired: vimeo.com/50439614
400 Miles for a Cause (preview): vimeo.com/47366035
How to Build a '48 Ford Pickup in One Month: vimeo.com/14404865
The Reetz Epic Adventure: vimeo.com/34368210
CAFFE LATTE: vimeo.com/45213558
Bethany on the Merry-Go-Round: vimeo.com/43087726
Unpublished nature shot
Norman Borlaug & The Green Revolution: youtu.be/Lg9-HTtgFOk
Amanda + Kent! vimeo.com/49211332
The Reetz Epic Adventure: vimeo.com/34368210

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