This film was made on Benziger ave between Jersey street & Bismark ave in Staten Island as part of
This was filmed in a short time notice(1 day). Bullying is not only in our schools but also in our own neighborhoods. Let join together and send a message to our young generation, their our future.
Cast : Gucci (Block Resident), Tyler(Block Resident), Shateek(Block Resident), Richie(Block Resident), Little Justin(Block Resident), Shawn Pee(Block Resident), Gio and her kids(Block Resident).
Crew: Director David "KING DAVID" Vasquez(Block Resident), Co-Director Richard "HI 8 MEDIA" Cruz(Non-Block Resident), Producer David "KING DAVID" Vasquez(Block Resident), Co-Producer Efrain "BIG ERUPT" Velez(Block Resident),Music David "KING DAVID" Vasquez(Block Resident), & Filmed and Edit Richard "HI 8 MEDIA" Cruz(Non-Block Resident).

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