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"Natalie is a college graduate visiting her hometown over the 4th of July. The night she arrives, she is stalked by a sociopathic killer."

'YOU ARE NOT ALONE' is a motion picture with two very different stories. At the forefront, this picture is about a college graduate, Natalie, reconnecting with friends and family as she visits her hometown over the Fourth of July. Over the first half of the film, She floats through the proceedings of the July 4th celebration her town is known for. The town is inundated with news about a dangerous sociopath who is in the midst of a spree killing and reportedly within the area. The second half of the picture is what happens when Natalie crosses paths with said killer.

'YOU ARE NOT ALONE' is a project that was developed by Chris O'Brien, Jonald Reyes, Mike Maggio, and Derek Mungor.

This motion picture is unique in both its subject matter and its approach. Originally conceived as a project that would utilize the first-person perspective or point-of-view, You Are Not Alone sets out to tell a suspense/horror story in a new and interesting way. At it's core, it is very much a story about family and returning to the place you grew up to find that it's not so much that the places have changed, but you have. With this very character-focused introduction and familiar setting, in a way, it is bucking the conventions of many horror films.

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