“The good news is that today Tajikistan is safe, stable and scenically spectacular.”
Lonely Planet, July 2007

"No-one needed to be told twice. Most people pack up immediately and leave the hotel. All ten cycle tourists left the hostel in convoy, safety in numbers. As we ride down the lane towards the main road we see three guys in cammo, definitely not military, holding massive machine guns, bullet shells cover the road. We hurriedly cycle past burnt out cars, smashed glass, blood on the road. It seems all the woman and children are fleeing the town. As we cyle we’re over taken by small buses flying make-shift white flags out of the window. Hopefully we’ll never be in a situation like this again."

Read our blog entry, posted shortly after leaving Khorog – twoonfourwheels.com/archives/2014

The footage in this short film was taken over a two day period in which we were confined to our hostel in Khorog, a town in the Pamir Mountains of Tajikistan. Fighting and a torrent of heavy gunfire between the Tajik military and local opposition fighters brought Khorog to a brutal stand-still. This was definitely not what we were expecting of the Pamir leg of our around the World cycle adventure.

Read more about the situation on the BBC website – bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-18965366

See photos that one of the guests in our hostel took on her way out of the town – bbc.co.uk/tajik/institutional/2012/07/120728_zkh_album_badakhshan_operation.shtml

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