To acknowledge the impressive features of the RED epic, we decided to have a one day shoot at several different locations and under different circumstances. Without sticking to a script, but with a maximum effort to create footage as aesthetic and appealing as possible, several, so called camera-surveys have been captured.

Don’t look at them as short films, but rather audio-visual studies made to pleasure your eyes and ears.

We didn’t mean to publish those non-linear shorts, but three of them will be released for our viewers out there in the world wide web. It is our way of saying thank you to the highly motivated crew and the protagonists, who brought so much passion and enthusiasm to the set.

Michel Frutig / Maybaum Film


Produktionsjahr 2013 | Produzent Maybaum Film | Michel Alraun, Laurent Ulrich, Alessandro Biffi, Daniel Steffen, Michel Frutig, Flavio Alraun, Margrit Hänni | Kameramann Dominic Hiss and Daniel Rostetter | Ausleuchtung Roman Brändli | Make-Up Philipp Keusen | Postproduktion Alessandro Biffi | Darsteller Fabrizio Salvatore

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