aircord×NAM×AOKI takamasa

2012/05/11〜06/03@Roppongi Hills
Direction: aircord×NAM
System Development&lighting: aircord
Art Direction: NAM
Sound: AOKI takamasa

At "「THE SUPER NATURAL RIDE」in Roppongi Hills, the interactive installation「Lightness」, which represents the lightness of NIKE FREE, was produced together with the design unit "NAM".

aircord directed the event, and made a device with sensors inserted into shoes that are linked with light to a projection system via optical fibers.

The shoes come in five colors each with five effects built in.
For example, there is a bending sensor in the orange shoes, and when the shoe is bent, a sound plays, and an orange light is displayed.
The others have all sorts of sensors built in such as accelerometers, shock sensors, gyro sensors, etc., and the amount of light and sound produced and the change in color is dependent on each of the actions.
So that these are all wireless and battery powered, they use a free source of electricity.

An original lens and projection system that uses optical fibers was developed for this, and a light source is applied to each fiber.

The optical fibers and shoes manually produce a hanging and floating feeling from the art direction of NAM. An original space is made by taking a step in shoes wrapped in fibers.

The exhibition was a great success, with over 10,000 guests in attendance.

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