Ran some old Public Enemy through the WTPA (narrat1ve.com) kit I built. WTPA stands for "Where's The Party At?" and its a DIY 8-Bit sampler.

Just doing some real basic manipulation. Once I'm not so lazy, I will solder a midi input and mount the board on something. Having said that, I'm pretty lazy.

Basically, I just have two banks with small loops in it from the "Yo! Bum Rush the Show" disc. All of you "It takes a Nation.." lovers can bite it.

I'm trying to one-hand everything since I don't have a tripod and my point-and-shoot camera is recording. I'm looking mad amounts of shaky... yikes.

I also did not show any of the overdub capabilities on this recording. I actually sampled the PE and then carried it over to the coffee table. When I get a tripod or something setup, I'll jam it for real. On the real. Or something clever like that. Hot fire will be spit.

Actually, to be honest, the sound was all coming from the toy laptop featured at the end.

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