Tom Estes
Crash Test Dummy

Part of

Health and Safety Violation

Ben Woodeson and Tom Estes

Exhibition Dates: 26 October to 24 November, Wednesday to Saturday, 12-6pm

Address: Lubomirov-Easton, Enclave 8, 50 Resolution Way, Deptford, SE8 4AL

This project brings together performance artist Tom Estes and sculptor Ben Woodeson in an experimental collaboration; neither knowing exactly what will happen and ultimately what or who will survive. The H&SV collaboration is an evolving experiment documented by visitors to the exhibition; performance art interacting with fragile and ephemeral sculptures, a world where every action has consequences both known and unknown.

Coinciding with South London’s 'Last Fridays' events on 26th October, the opening of Health & Safety Violation features Tom Estes performing seemingly inconsequential actions within the deliberately dangerous and fragile environment outlined by Ben Woodeson’s Health & Safety Violation sculptures. 'Every action has an equal an opposite reaction' has never been truer. Tom Estes’ actions contribute to a balanced equilibrium. A symbiotic relationship exists between sculpture and performance; inbuilt entropy where every action or inaction has potentially catastrophic consequences. Documentation of the evenings actions is performed by visitors to the exhibition using a communal camera; selected images will be displayed for the duration of the exhibition.

Tom Estes is an artist whose work has been hung, played and performed in a few of the world's right places and a couple of deliciously wrong ones. In his Live Art performance Estes stages an 'action' and then ask members of the audience to take pictures on a communal camera. In this way, the audience becomes part of the performance, and the pictures are then posted on on-line social networking sites and web sites for another, wider on-line audience. Born outside of Boston in the U.S.A Estes moved to Paris and lived there for a couple of years before settling in London as a base of operations. His work has been shown nationally and internationally and he has regularly worked with collectives from the United Kingdom such as The Red Velvet Curtain Cult and Art Evict as well as The Biennial Project from Boston in the U.S.A.

Ben Woodeson's work is inspired by mass, friction, balance, gravity, momentum, potential and kinetic energy; basic rules of physics are exploited to create minimal sculptures that deliberately straddle a line between stability and instability, action and inaction. Poised treacherously, the works are frequently performative in that they inhabit a moment of possible action and subsequent reaction.

Project by invitation of Bella Easton and Iavor Lubomirov. Curated by the artists. Text by the artists.

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