A 50 minute conversation with Alan from late-2011. Topics ranged from his perspective on life, writing, his upcoming "Friend Me", and, of course, "Yes, Dear". He must have told us the story of the baby joke in the pilot 500 times. But it was funny each and every time. He could do that.

Listen closely, for as Alan said, "If you listen to me 100% of the time, your script will be 100% better. If you listen to me 70% of the time, your script will be 70% better. If you don't listen to me at all, maybe you'll get lucky and one or two things you do will work".

There was a quick break in our conversation about 7 minutes before the end. He had to return a phone call. If memory serves, we later found out that the phone call was to tell him that "Friend Me" was going to pilot.

A true mensch with a giant heart. Rest in peace, sir. We miss you.

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