On September 2003, during a tour in Cuba guest of the Int. Theatre Festival of La Habana, OPLAS meets the Consejo Nacional Artes Escenica de Cuba: this was the start of a profitable artistic which brouth OPLAS to conceive the project “A theatre for Cuba and the world” supported in Italy by the Region of Umbria, the Province of Perugia and the Municipality of Umbertide (PG) and Soliera (MO). The project was composed by two steps: the first step was the creation of Luca Bruni's ballet "Misa en Piso" ( January 2004 ) for Danza Conteporanea de Cuba, in La Habana, staged at the famous Garcia Lorca Theatre in the Cuban capital. The second steps was the creation with OPLAS of the performance “Julieta e Romeo” ( April/May 2004 ) which premiere was staged at the Festival "Tete-àtete" in Rastat (D) on May 2004.
On the wall of La Habana we read everywhere that "ideas are stronger than arms": we do believe this, and we also strongly believe that culture is more than an idea, rather a strong wind which can go through any borders built by men, an unretainable force shared by all the wise people and feared only in those places where oppression is sovereign.
The performance is dedicated to the experience the company lived in this cuban land, to the people met during the three months spent there sharing with them happyness and sadness. For this reason we consider the show not a performance on Cuba, rather for Cuba. So far the drama perfectly merges with the local context that we might think that Shakespeare had written his drama for the cubans! Julieta – a local young girl - and Romeo – a foreigner- are two of the thousand young people hanging around in La Habana along the Malecon, today like hundreds of years ago... for them the concept of love is stronger than any obstacle, even than death: suspended in between the hell and the purgatory, guilty of commiting suicide, they will be the protagonist of a wrong and violent world, so bliind to the real love, and they will be able to face their destiny.

a production of:
with the support of :
Regione Umbria, Province of Perugia, Town of Umbertide

Direction and choreography
Luca Bruni

Scenes and costumes
Mario Ferrari

Original Musics
Marco Schiavoni

Primo Violino
Prisca Amori

Original text
Yarlo Osnel Ruiz Echavarria

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