After waiting for almost a month to get all the parts, here is the 15 mil rods system with follow focus ($100 from DFocus), viewfinder for the LCD display with quick release plate and tripod connector ($299 from Cavision).
I wish it did not have any silver parts, just black. It can be any color as long as it is black!

Cavision will also sell you a shoulder pad system with dual handgrips for 15 mil rods, for another $199.

Installation took about an hour. Numerous adjustments and hard to reach screws.

The follow focus system is quite fragile but does the job.
I had problems adjusting the viewfinder, it comes with a bracket and slider to allow the positioning of the viewfinder close to the LCD screen of the 5D2. The slider did not work very well and required some convincing in order to position the viewfinder.

Lenses: 50 mm 1.4 Ex Sigma, 105 mm 2.8 Macro EX by Sigma.
Photography: Sigma SD14.

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