I filmed (and today re-edited) this film to say thanks to solfest.org.uk
Wednesday 31 October, 2012

Solfest is the UKs local summer music festival. An award-winning Bank Holiday family friendly music festival in Cumbria. 24th, 25th and 26th August 2012.

The camera I used on this occasion was a consumer D8 handycam manufactured by Sony, a dying breed now - Recording with this camera is in digital format but allows the use of traditional 'Hi8' (analog format) tapes. I'd have loved to use a much older camera, a Super-8mm say, I love filming with film. However, when filming at music festivals I want to get as much footage as possible, and edit and upload the film cheaply and with very little hassle.

If you're interested in filming with Super-8mm yourself and would like some expert advice here's a great place to start - The Widescreen Centre. widescreen-centre.co.uk/catalogue/motion_picture_division.html

If you're already filming on Super-8mm, you'll probably know about the wonderful work of Straight 8.

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