This is a project we did during the intensive course week with RED Hong Yi (October 2012) at Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano. We are a group of three during this project: Chikara, Selin and Ray. The idea was to exchange something with strangers. So we have decided that we wanted identity from them in a form of fingerprints. Since pastas are one of the important food culture in Italy, we have decided to give away colored pastas and in return, the people will give their identity. The reason why we had RED Hong Yi's face in the end was because she would usually draw the famous people but no one has ever drawn her before. So we thought it was some one else's turn to draw her.

For more info check our website out:

Project name: REVEALART~The Exchange Project~
Project by: Chikara Enggartiasti, Selin Işıksalan, Ray Hsi
Project supervisor: RED Hong Yi (
Music: Swingy Electro WIP (Probably a Game Grumps) by Elliptisoar (

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