Conceived, Directed + Edited by Colin Duerr
From the album Zebehazy Summer, available at

Starring: Jenni Cappella, Dana Fornaresio, Edith Monroe, Hilary Santiago, Lianna Trimble, Breanna McFadden, Mohini, Jennifer Olson, Margaret Doll Rod, Passalacqua

Makeup: Kathryn McCoy, Kristi Byrnes, Dana Fornaresio, Colin Duerr

Costume + Sets: Colin Duerr
SFX: Colin Duerr

Fire FX: Teresa "DSnake" Larson

Snakes provided by: Michael Brophy. Reptile, INC.

Crew: Mikel McKlellan, John Panich, Passalacqua

Special Thanks: Roman Stone, DET, Franco Notar Berardino, Motion Picture Institute, Kurt Mayry, Kristi Burgett, Andrea + Jason Jacklyn, Sarah Swillum, Jeff Milo, Rachel May

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