It's Week #4 of our 40 Days to Wholeness Tour & today, we're talking about Balance: Planning & Practice.

#PassionPitch Question: Do you take time to adequately prepare for the intricacies of life, and how well do you keep in alignment with those plans?

When you plan and practice balance, you are able to reap the valuable rewards it has to offer. What are some rewards of practicing balance?
>>Live, laugh, love – in peace
>>Clear mind – we make better decisions
>>Restful vs Restless – achieve better sleep
>>Better Relationships – seamless, two-way conversations
>>Better Attitudes – less irritated because of fewer irritations
>>Live life uninterrupted!

Perhaps you’ve heard this phrase before:


This phrase is VERY true. As you know, Coffee Connection has a Biblical base, so we’re going to go to scripture to find out how God has designed this topic of balance – I am going to share TWO simple steps which effectively add ONE additional “P.”

Step 1)) PLANNING. The first step to achieving anything is planning. This first step is integral to achieving the dynamic balance that we desire in our personal lives and for our space.

Matthew 6:33-34 | So if I am trying to figure out how to balance getting more rest, eating properly, my work life, home life, social life and everything in between – all in effect to have a more peaceful, well-rounded life – what should I do? I should seek God first. Put those very things before God during our daily prayer time and ask Him to show us what unique steps we should take to achieve success – these steps are unique to us, to me – MY situation. But just before I go grabbing my pen & paper, I need to grab a spot on my knees with God and ask Him just how I should lay out my “Perfect Balance Plan.”

>>Identify What You’d Like to Achieve
>>Put it Before God through Prayer, Seeking A Unique Plan for You (Matt 6:33-34)
>>Look for God’s Answers/Instructions through “Nudges”
>>Write-out Your “Perfect Balance Plan”

Step 2)) PRACTICE. YOU OVERCOME BY BEING PERSISTENT IN YOUR CONSISTENCE. We have to be passionate and fervent about putting our action plan in motion! Through practice, we are simply laying the foundation to reap the rewards of our work.

Matthew 25:1-13 (Wise/Foolish Virgins) & 14-30 (The servants with talents) | What are you doing with the time and resources that you are given? If you haven’t passionately practiced and consistently pursued your action plan, then your time, resources and talents have gone to waste. You will not reap the benefits of your Perfect Balance Plan, the manifestation will never come to place, and you will not reap the rewards of achieving success in balance – ultimately, this greatly displeases God.

>>Be Persistent about Your Consistent Motion
>>Begin Laying Your Foundation through Passionate Practice
>>Desire to Please God in Your Activities
>>Reap the Balance Rewards in Your VIP Account

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