Um, holy crap. I really don’t know where to start. As many of you may know, Jimmy and Brittany Moncrief are great friends of ours. They are the rad people behind Moncrief Photography and are some of our best friends on the planet. No foolin’. A few years ago, we started throwing around the idea of taking an epic trip together…a trip that would most definitely need to involve a photo session of us from them, a film of them from us, and some cycling (Jimmy and Robert are all up in some cycling). Having family in Germany and having visited a few years ago, we threw it out, all stamped our approval on it, and the trip was born.

Fast forward two years to the fall of 2012, and we all hit the plane for Bavaria, Germany. Jimmy and I (Robert) spent the first four days of the trip cycling the backroads of the state of Bavaria, top to bottom. I don’t use the word “epic” very much, but this was indeed EPIC! To follow all the shenanigans and a bazillion Instagram photos, you’ll have to spend a few hours on our Tumblr page for the trip, There’s so much more I could say about the trip, but let’s get to the point…the Moncriefs.

2012 was the Moncrief’s 10 year anniversary. Wanting to make it as memorable as possible, they decided to do a vow renewal on our trip, in Germany, at the base of the Alps. Yep. Key. So, what did we do? Film the heck outta that sucker. It’s amazing what can happen when two people have a “whatever you want to do” approach to making a film. We can’t thank Brittany and Jimmy enough for giving us the freedom to do what we do, trust us to do it, and invest in their own film by putting the effort into making it memorable with the incredible words of renewal to each other. It makes all the difference in a film, and we thank you!

Brittany and Jimmy, we LOVE you! And those words don’t do it justice. So, how about “wir lieben euch”!!

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