September, 1861:

Colonel Jonathon Jebediah Smog (Count Kellam) of the 2nd Texas Mounted Rifles leads a renegade collection of Confederate spies deep into Union territory. Sent on a mission to help establish a Western front early on in the war, Col. Smog is countered by Lieutenant Skyler John Archibald (Jeff S. Dodge) and a band of Union sharpshooters from the 4th New Mexico Infantry.

But the game of 'Cat and Mouse' is soon derailed when a strange trapper named, Ezekiel "Tall-Tale" Stockbridge (Dan Yul East), emerges from the Coloradan forest - only to warn of a mysterious creature known to the natives as 'Eitsu' or 'Big Foot'...

Featuring music from the album, "Brothers War" by Felix Culpa. Additional music by Brian Jardine and Count Kellam.

"The Battle Of Savage Hill"
Written, directed and produced by Jeff S. Dodge

Screenings begin - March 2013

Darge Dinner Theatre - Episode II (Premiere Date: 10/31/2012)

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