This is an old Vid right out of the Vertrider MiniDV archives, spanning more than 10 years: Some really rad old bike punk nightride stuff from 2004.

Short Story: By time the "Blair Witch Project" horror was released, we decided to do our own take on it - on two of our favourite (still favourite) bobsled runs around Innsbruck (where one can ride a mountainbike to more than 2000 m elevation in winter). I'd say we all looked a bit younger then ;)

BTW: Remember MiniDV, Spy-Cam CCD Helmet Cams? They had up to 180 Degree field of view long before GoPro or Contour - and were much better on high contrast in the night. Well, that was the time.

FooFighters - "all my life" - one of the BEST rocksongs ever
incubus - "drive", still great

Props go to the whole Innsbruck riders community which made it possible then. Picco, Hias, Ed, Roli, Christof, Georg, Georgy, Alex, Marco, Roland... just to name a view.

See you soon up on that bobsled tracks.

Christoph Malin

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