I made this unofficial video for a motion media class at SCAD.

My concept is roughly based on Syfy's tagline "Imagine Greater". I hope to trigger the audience to imagine greater from simple things, in which it is geometric shapes in this promo video - simple shapes turning into a train and being able to dance around.

It begins with three two dimensional squares which later is able to turn three dimensionally. Next, a train forms from more geometric shapes, and lands itself into an exciting party with jumpy and energetic circles, squares, and triangles after entering that big spinning circle. Once it enters into the world of fantasy, the hyper geometric shapes dance around and form radial patterns. Finally, the promo video ends with the circular screws from the train flowing up towards the sky to form the Syfy logo, symbolizing that Syfy is a place where great imagination begins.

Music: "Bonded by Death" by Christopher Ashmore / Benjamin Marks

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