Song: Call me
Artist: - not to be named -
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters/Pairings: Destiel (Dean/Castiel)

Finally here is the Dastiel collab I have been workin on with Tina for quite a long time!!! I've been such a hold up due to my exams to come soon but now it's up and done! High five! ;D

I'm the one who found the song in the first place and just thought of Tinas's editing style immediately. She is so amazing and the song sounded like 100% Destiel (br)omance, don't you think? Well I guess this was meant to be! So glad we finally came to collab together anyways. We should work together again some day! I've adored her ever since I discovered vidding! :D

Do not forget to sub her, alright?

Any kind of feedback is highly appreciated! ;)
Btw, when do you ever get to comment on an over-3-minutes-video by me, huh? ;DD Rare opportunity here!


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