UPDATE: Password protection has been lifted. Thanks to Triggerfish for allowing our content to be available publicly.

A small collection of pipeline tools that I was involved in.

Asset Menu:
I was briefed to recreate the front end side of the Asset menu with a PyQt version that allowed for multi importing and provide a thumbnail view of the assets. A request was later made to have an option for the imported assets to be placed in front of the camera. I was also responsible for setting up a batch script that would go through all the assets and render a small thumbnail.

Collision Constraint Op:
This was something I did in my own time to learn more about Custom Ops. With the knowledge learnt from the terrain tracker, I was able to create a basic collision detection custom operator that also aligned controllers/objects to the normals to the geometry surface. Originally developed in Python, but later ported to C++ for extra speed.

Terrain Tracker:
One of the more interesting tools that I had to tackle. I was briefed to find a way to track the terrain so the wheels of the vehicles will stick to the ground. Was a request made by the animators since their deadlines were pretty intense.

Animation Mirror:
One of the first PyQt tools I was briefed to tackle when I Joined the technical team.

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