RECIPE (EVACUEE CAKE)/ Recette-Gâteaux_à_évacués
Christina McPhee / Molly McPhee
Running time: 5 minutes 40 seconds
single channel HD
traduction francais: McBERG
a naxsmash group production 2008

Recipe/Recette explores the nightmare of migrants and refugees whose lives are 'eaten' by the state through status denial. A voice interrogates the evacuees and announces the receipt of their lives.

poem and voiceover performance : Molly McPhee
direction and montage: Christina McPhee
keyboard, sound, cinematography: Christina McPhee with additional shots by Terry Hargrave

Recipe [evacuee cake] consists of a series of traumatic inventories: video clips and voiceovers, as if to list the ingredients for a recipe to consume and discard excess humans and animals, AKA persons ‘nobody’ wants-- migrants, prisoners, persons without identification papers, persons in the crosshairs of the scary borders. The recipe starts with the unfolding listing of clips from performances in the remote California landscape, in which I am breathing while tied up, or out in the dirt beside a lake. I made them in the aftermath of escape from sexual trauma.

"Recipe Evacuee Cake" : The poem by Molly McPhee inspires the association of traumatic memory performance with the idea of evacuation. The film protests the political systems which feeds on humans, rendering them outside citizenship, ‘put into pies.”

Molly McPhee is a writer and theatrical producer in London. She received an MFA in Writing and Critical Studies from the California Institute of the Arts, Los Angeles.

Christina McPhee engages the sense of place within an art that extends the semiotics of new media into nuanced topogaphies in video, photomontage, and drawing.

Translation : McBerg (Molly McPhee and Caroline Bergvall)

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