This film was made entirely on 28th Street between 21st Ave and 20th Ave in Astoria, Queens as part of the On My Block Films neighborhood film challenge.

Premise: The kids on our block used this as a chance to learn a bit about their neighbors and a bit about making a simple film. They went up and down the block and asked neighbors three questions: What is your name? What are you from? And when did you move to this block? We think a more comprehensive census of our block would show an interesting trend of neighbors born in Italy, Greece, Ireland, and other European countries having moved in in the 1960s and 1970s, with a new tranche of neighbors - mostly families with young kids, and mostly born in the US or with partners born in different countries - joining over the last decade. One result of the effort: learned the names of a few of our neighbors, and the block feels more like home than before the project started. Oh - our block is 28th Street between 21st and 20th Ave in Astoria.

All crew and cast are residents of our block.
Editor: Will Bachman
Camera: Margarita Soto
Interviewers: Samuel Bachman, Alejandra Bachman, Natalia Grncarski, Sophia Grncarski
Neighbors interviewed:
Eli Cohn-Wein
Mary Xenos
Mary Hatziantoniou
Steve Alvarez
Nina Craeli
Christian Williams
Amina Andalib
Muhammad Chowdhury
Tasnim Chowdhury
Leslie Bass
Candace Michael
Roman Michael
Aleemu Michael
Frank Zapata
Ana Camacho
Lorna Thorpe
Daniella Suero
Marcos Muero
Gael Suero
Bernadette Puccala
Nilde Leo
Leilani Farol
Kailei Leo-Farol

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